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3 Simple Things Your Website Absolutely Must Have

When searching the web, we sometimes come across 3 key things missing from small business websites that could make a world of difference to the customer experience: 1. Easy navigation

Your potential customers must be able to find their way around your website fairly easily. It not only creates a first impression for the business, but it creates a sense of competency of the business. An easy to use website is critical because if a potential customer is struggling to navigate your website – there’s a chance there going to struggle with picking your business. Make a website easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to the potential customer. Just cause it makes sense to you – it does not necessarily make sense to a potential customer. You know your business inside and out – they might not. They might be looking at it for the first time. oh and make sure your website is optimized for mobile! Why? Read more: 5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly | Studio98

2. About page/section

An about page or section is your chance to connect with potential customers. Your about page allows for your site visitors to see what you, you site, your goods and services can do for them which is key.

The about page is the start to building a relationship with your customer – it allows them to see that what you can provide is exactly what they’re looking for.

An about section can be mainly about your business, but it can also be about you and your team as well. You can explain why you started the business, why it’s important to you, where do you see it heading? Read More: Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page? - Copyblogger

3. Contact page

Make finding your contact info and contacting you as easy as possible! Remember – the less friction the better when it comes to interacting with potential customers online. Have your phone number, your email, and a contact form set up for quick requests. If you’re on other social platforms (which you should be) this could be a place to put those links! Read More: Why You Should Have a Contact Page (


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